Kangoo Kids summer camp

We had a blast, the kids enjoy jumping and bouncing around, helping each other and building friendships.
We still have space to sign up 7057681035
​​Tuesdays 1-3 pm and Thursdays 1-3 pm $15 per day save 10% with second child and if you sign up for 4 days or more you save 10%
1 hr of bouncing and games and cooling off at the splash pad (weather permits)


Canada Day 150 years

Once again we join the Canada Day Parade and we had a blast, some of our clients and their kids join us and others tried for the first time.

We were very thankful of beautiful weather and the support and cheering of our community every time they saw us bouncing around. 

Next year we will back bouncing around in peterborough 


Summer Camps are back!

Last year we had a great response with our day camp, the kids had a blast! this year we are offering two days Tuesday and thursday from 1 to 3 pm at $15 a day.

Our groups are small, max 7 kids. Ages 6 and up, we provide the boots.

Let your kid have fun while exercising and making new friends. Our camps run at Nicholls Oval park.

To sign up text 705-768-1035. Kids summer camp.jpg


Managing life and fitness

As a single mom of twins I have to say, I have a crazy busy life, usually I find myself rushing from morning to night, yep my kids are super active and is hard to keep them still. Many people ask me how you manage the daily life with fitness?

My answer is…organize everything and multitask, meal preparation is a must! I have a picky eater at home, actually both of my kids like to eat totally opposite and then is mom, who eats different too. Three meals preparation daily? forget it!. So I decided that I prepare my meals for the week when my kids go every other weekend to se their dad, of course my salads are prepare fresh.

About my exercise routine, is well planned too, I organize my clients to be trained and i I’m super busy I sneak a 30 min weight training in between for myself, and of course some evenings I teach Power Jumps. I tried to keep track of my calories, intake and burned.

What I will suggest to busy moms who want to get fit but they don’t have time or money to pay for gym membership. Set your goals, write them down, have a food journal and see how much you eating daily and your portion size, download apps to help you with the tracking, so many out there I totally love: “My Fitness Pal”, drink plenty of water, weight yourself only once a month, but take measures every week.

Remember you can burn fat and gain muscle and still weight the same or even more, don’t get fixated with the numbers in the scale.

If I’m able to manage life with twins and also take them to their after school programs, therapies etc and be able to eat healthy and run my business I believe everybody can do it. How bad you need to change your habits? make yourself a priority, been a mom is important but remember a happy mom is a better mom.

Take care of yourself! You deserve it.17903904_10212507258692048_5818034981025084458_n