My name is Miryam Buchahim, I’m a certified Bounce Fit Instructor and Personal Trainer. Currently I work as a personal trainer at the YMCA and also privately at 180 Barnardo Ave. at Activity Heaven, where is held some of my Power Jumps classes.

Let  me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born in Mexico City and I always loved to be involved in sports and activities, dancing is one of my passions, also I have a black belt in Kenpo (mix martial arts), I also have a masters degree in Media and I have a beautiful set of twins 8 years olds who keep me very busy.

My mission is to help other people to feel good about themselves, to gain confidence, to enjoy exercise and of course to have fun.

Our past business name was M&E Image Revolution, it was a partnership but decided to change the name because I run the program by myself, the name I choose is: Fit Body X.

I’m here to help people to get fit and have fun, changing the concept of exercising, let’s have fun getting fit together.

Also I’m a social marketer of amazing supplements and products chemical free, because living a healthy life is important for our families and our planet. Modere